CB is a pianist, singer, composer, songwriter – from Brazil, based in New York. Her songs “Girar o Mundo” and “Magic” were the works that brought her to the NYC Electronic Music Scene, together with Pattern Drama and Touch of Class Records. These two hits have over a million plays around the world and make part of a great number of collections of Deep House.

SHE has been working mainly in electronic music, as a musician and producer and in collaboration with other producers around the world, for films, ballets and other artists. Working from her studios in NYC, CB teaches and creates music, and a lot of times travels to give workshops and perform in different countries.

SHE is a multi-media artist and performer that holds two artistic personalities. One classically trained, Master in Piano Performance, Researcher, Professor, doing a PhD in Composition in the UK; the other one, learned from a very artistic family and community from the northeast of Brazil (Bahia), where singing, playing, writing, performing is part of daily life and sacrality. CB is an artist creating and composing life primarily, looking for new organic human expressions mainly through music, image in video and photography, gestures and movement, communication and social interaction, storytelling and fantasying. Immigration, diaspora, ethnicities, african and indigenous mythology, nature, religions, rituals are her subjects of interest. To give voice to tradition towards the future, to be organic and high tech, to experiment and discover methods to connect music, image, gesture – the space in between arts and time.

SHE is currently working on a new album with the DJ/ Producer Corey Baker (Pattern Drama/NYC) for Touch of Class Records, preparing to debut a project in duo with the producer Max Wild (NY/Berlin), and working on the compositions of her PhD Project DNArchive.